EuroKungFu -  European Center for Chinese Martial Arts


The "EuroKungFu", the "European centre for Chinese Martial Arts", was created in 2016 by GM Wu Xuan, in the City of Tomar, Portugal, in order to allow the European citizens to pratice: 


With a Real Chinese Master, with more than 60+ years of practice:

  • Chinese Martial Arts
  • Health exercises such as Qi Qong

Available Martial Arts

  • Shaolin Chang Quan
  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan: 24, 40,108 hand forms, 32 sword, wu tu nan saber
  • Hsing Yi Quan: 5 elements, combined forms, 12 animals
  • Ba gua Zhang: guo ru zhang 64 palms, two circles walking

While enjoying,

  • A very beautiful set 
  • Close to a very mystical and old Templar city / check more here) 

The Centre has:

  • 8 bedrooms that can accomodotate 16 people
  • 4 toilets / bathrooms
  • library with Chinese Books on philosophy, martial arts
  • Coomon living room with TV


For more details, please contact us




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